April Tender Irish


A birthday poem dedicated to a beautiful friend, April Tender Irish Lacerna

APRIL is the month when lovely flowers bloom, refreshing rain falls, and sweet fruit grows.

April is the month when a tender girl was born, a girl so lovely, refreshing, and sweet; truly one of Almighty’s gifts.

TENDER is her soul and heart that is full of care and love, and to all she holds dear her feelings are truly sincere.

A sister, a friend, a mother; that’s what she is to her siblings. A girl who’s patient, fun, and giving; that’s what she is to all her friends and kin.

IRISH cream and milky chocolate the color of her skin. But she is all rainbow from very deep within.

For all her enticing smiles and every twinkling of her eyes she emits colored light to all of our lives.

APRIL TENDER IRISH or Shugar if you wish. Full of happiness and compassion with a good flair for fashion.

April Tender Irish or Shugar if you must insist. The lovely lady that God has blessed. The girl-woman no one would ever forget.


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