Cupid’s Arrow


Well, hello to you, Cupid’s arrow. We meet again in my heart’s burrow. Seems like it was yesterday that I’ve seen you. Now our paths have crossed out of the blue.

Once you’ve pierced this skeptical heart. Made it believe and hope in your promises. Made it beat to the cadence called love. Made it wish to the moon and stars above.

Happy, elated, like it was a balloon inflated. Flying, soaring, like it was a bird freed. Skipping, running in to the deep abyss. Starry-eyed because of a love promised.

But like a balloon it popped to bursting. Like a free bird it was shot down cawing. And in the deep abyss it got lost in the dark. When the promise of love lost its spark.

Devastated, frustrated, demented, pained. The love that you’ve promised true it may seem. But this skeptical heart was crushed and pinned. And it became more cynical and mocking.

It shunned you and hid away from your grasp. It doesn’t want you no more in its life. And for many seasons it has avoided your clasp. It walked as far away from your searching light.

But now, our paths have crossed once more. Like it was foretold by those tales and lore. Now here you are again promising love’s high. And here’s my heart tempted for another try.

Well, you’re here again, Cupid’s arrow. Taking another shot at this heart you made blue. And now that I’m letting this heart love again. Hope all would not go in vain.


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