For Michael

Mysterious, he has always been mysterious. He shares a bit of himself and he’s always been so serious. At times he seems so jolly and he jokes a lot. But he is an enigma more often than not.

It’s been over a year that I’ve known the guy. But I know I barely scratched the truth of his life. It’s been over a year that I wondered why. He has become the apple of my choosy eyes.

Charming and appealing, some say that’s him. But I think he is more than that it seem. He’s uber smart, witty, and a bit naughty. He’s the man that every girl dreamed of nightly.

Hearing just his voice evokes feelings deep within. What more when he speaks directly to you again and again. Just imagining his presence makes you want to faint. What more when he’s there with you face to face.

Albeit I know he is way, way, way out of my league. And harboring feelings for him is like walking on thin thread. It will not stop me to wish, to dream, and to hope. That I just might survive the walk on the very tight rope.

Even if I know that pining for him is a Herculean feat. It still won’t stop me from envisioning us together one bit. And even if people would say that I’m aiming for the moon. I’d say that dreaming is way better than being an in-denial fool.

Let’s go back to reality now, now that I’ve said my piece. He is one of the best guys that I know, that I could attest. He is someone you could rely on and get some blunt life advice. And he is someone you could trust because he’s a friend for life.


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