House of Decadence: KIT


Love Match (LM)

This is the book that I could sadly say I have read only twice. Why?

One, it hurts to relive Lizzy’s hardship and agony; her bullies, her friendship and relationship with Kit, the rape, the death of her person and of her heart.

Two, it’s heavy to relive Kit’s anguish and angst; his family, his friendship with Lizzy, his almost shot at redemption, his addiction, his abuse, David and Lizzy’s loss, the death of his person and of his heart.

Three, it’s a pain to see through Ina’s vengeance and deception; her rise from the ashes, her planned destruction, her vendetta, the discovery of unfounded truth that made her quest an utter path to self-death, Kit’s almost death, yet almost another death of a wounded person and heart.

In my opinion, and mine alone, this is Eve Montelibano‘s darkest novel yet. And as dark as it can get, it brought me pain and tears and a handful of emotion I’ve never experienced in my entire existence.

I know in time I’ll find the courage to flip through the pages again. In time I’ll shed a bucketful of tears as I try to relive the agony. And in time, I’ll be able relive what I consider as an arduous trek to truth and forgiveness of Lizzy, Kit, and Ina. But until then, I’ll just run my fingers through the cover and trace the face of the personification of life, death, and redemption.


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