House of Decadence: JAQ


Love Match (LM)


Okay. This is a little bit late, as usual… but I’m a prima donna and I lurrrrve to make a scene, so here we go!

I had Jaq for days now. He was sent to me by an angel lurking around the corner. Thank you by the way, girl. I won’t mention your name here at baka mahiya ka na naman. 😉

Anyway, despite having him in my book pile for days, I did not have the courage to read him. Why? I have these reservations with regards to Jaq. I know he’s written superbly, knowing Eve Montelibano, so it’s not about the story. It was about people’s reception of him and some other shit reason.

One, people were raving about him and sometimes I don’t like it when people kept yapping (sorry for the term, guys!) about a particular book. When people do that my expectations get soooo high that I get frustrated when it fell short. I got burned by Twilight (no bad-blood with the TwiFans in here, I just don’t like the saga – personal choice). Two, a friend told me that his story was sort of a… “some kinda like the Sweetheart series” by, uhm… So that was a definite bummer for me (sorry for her lingering fans). Three, and this is the shitty one, I have an enormous pileup of books that craved for my attention. So… *shrug*

But, a weak book-slut as I am, I caved in. I read Jaq.


As usual, Jaq’s prose was written fabulously by this woman whom I so wanted to bottle and include in my daily vitamin regimen. A toast is in order for the not-so-prolific but very fantastic romance goddess of Philippine written literature. Evie, you could charm words like a turban guy charms a cobra. Kudos!

I can say that I can’t fault readers who were raving about Jaq. I AM RAVING MAD ABOUT JAQ! My expectations were high and, boy, meeting those expectations was magical! The beauty of first love, the pains and hardships of Montague-Capulet-like shits (asshole brothers, snotty sister, freaked-out parents), misunderstandings that went waaaaay out of proportion, rediscovering the beauty of love, brain-draining twists and revelations, and the brand that ultimately screams LOTHARIO and LM – scorching hot and detailed love scenes – completed the whole experience. So, pardon my French but aside from the first love blah I can’t see a damn ounce of Sweetheart here (just saying).

And, I’m just glad that I turned a blind eye on my book pile and passed up on reading Sheldon, Sparks, Wharton, and a whole lot of people on my to-read load because Jaq had me at…

She suddenly looked in his direction.
Their eyes locked on each other.
He wasn’t into clichés. But hell, for once, he’d concede to this one, overused romantic allusion.
Time definitely stood still for him. (HOD: Jaq, pp. 20)

I caught bait, hook, line, and sinker! I am such a weakling… An addicted weakling.

Then, throughout my reading, I writhed in what we call the “kilig moments”. I definitely enjoyed their trysts. I laughed like a big idiot especially in scenes with X and the Oblivion gang. I hated the Yulo twins like a plague. I hated Jordan, too, but not as much as the twin assholes. Sherry Yulo is forgivable, she is in love! I fell in love more with X (sorryJesse Peralta but I’m just being truthful) and albeit I know he’d eventually end up with Yandra I wanted to have the juicy bits of how would Y bring the King of Excess down on his bony knees, pun intended, pronto. Then, there was the short segment with Lizzy and Kit before everything got so messed up between the two of them (I took it as a sign to read Kit again; crossfingers with that Joy de Vera). The two star-crossed lovers/parents added a cute twist although they did not get enough mileage.

And, boy, was I intrigued by the running-mystery of Jaq’s biological pop! I had fun contemplating between FM, FVR, and Erap. But I guessed it was not the latter because he’s, I guess, not powerful enough so it’s either FM or FVR. And I was right! It’s Mr. Tobacco-man! Hahaha!

It also made me think about Lothario’s geishas. I know they are, well, high-end “prostitutes” (sorry, I don’t know how to put it lightly) but I really wanted some of them to end up with a Lothario or someone of the same level. Let’s not count Laila here, she was not a geisha. I really liked Psy/Psyche. She has a great mind and a great personality. She’s technically a woman of the world and could kick some serious ass. She is a Lothario in some sense. I really wanted her to have her own story (just saying again).

Anyway, all in all, it was a refreshingly hot read. Although I did not cry a lot, I did laugh and feel their pains. I also got hooked with the kilig-feeling from start to finish. It was not a drama, although it had a lot of drama. It’s not Kit- or Nico-level when it comes to tear-jerking and heart-wrenching; those two were the ultimate sob-heaver EM novels bar none. I loved it to bits and would definitely read it again in due time.

Jaq was a read worthy of its imprint; it was a decadence a modern Filipina and Filipino could indulge in to. Happy reading, again! Toodles!

P.S. Ms. Eve used Always by Bon Jovi for their love theme song. I loved Jon so much and it tickled me that my fave song was injected into the story. But I would like to pitch in a song for Jaq and Angie, too:

After All by Peter Cetera and Cher

After all the stops and starts
We keep coming back to these two hearts
Two angels who’ve been rescued from the fall
After all that we’ve been through
It all comes down to me and you
I guess it’s meant to be forever you and me
After all


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