Behind an angel’s mask


Laira was Miss Popularity personified. Many find her pretty and friendly. She always has a ready smile for everyone. She was also smart, constantly on the Dean’s list. And she is a member of the school choir.

She was quite popular with everyone, especially with the boys. She has a constant string of admirers and suitors but nobody from them ever caught her heart. She was neither picky nor choosy. However, she didn’t feel something more than friendship towards her suitors. For her, they were all better off as friends.

But Phillip… Ah. What she felt for Phillip was different.

Phillip was her best friend Carla’s big brother. She had known him since time immemorial. She had a thing for him. Others call it infatuation, she called it love.

Who wouldn’t fall for Phillip? He was the epitome of the perfect guy. He was very good looking, funny, smart, generous, family-oriented, and every inch a gentleman. It’s a bonus that he was already financially stable. He was every girl’s dream man. A dream that was quite impossible to reach.

A dream that came true…

On the day that she turned 18, Phillip professed his deep affections for her! He said that he had been waiting for the day to come so that he could finally court her.

Oh such joy! She felt so elated because the man of her dreams… Oh the man of her dreams was courting for her affections! What more could she ask for?

Phillip was such a gallant suitor. He treated her like a princess. He showered her with gifts, flowers, and chocolates; always fetched her from school, and treated her to food trips! He gave her almost everything that she wishes. More than that, he was so fun to be with. He also befriended everyone who was close to her. He always kept in touch with her parents, telling them his clean intentions. He was cool with her friends every time he was with them. Her family and friends loved him to bits instantly.

Because of that, she was falling more and more in love with him. A little over a month of courting, she finally answered his wooing. And it’s been sweet time since.

As a suitor, he was gallant. As a boyfriend, he was simply magnificent. She’s never known a man as sweet, as caring, and as loving as Phillip. She was one lucky girl to have him; to have Prince Charming as her boyfriend.

By then, she has already though of spending her lifetime with him. He was perfect for her. She was lucky indeed.

On their fifth month together, they had a big argument. Phillip had asked something she never thought he would ask from her. A “gift” to prove her love for him. She knew what that gift was. She was not born yesterday!

She was appalled and insulted! How could he ask that from her just to prove her love? She refused and gave her a piece of her angry mind! It was ridiculous and disrespectful that he easily asked something that she was not ready to give yet any time soon. She was mad, big time!

She was about to call a break-up and walk out when Phillip hugged her tight and asked for forgiveness. He was being a jerk, he said. He said he understood and would never ask such thing again, not until she is ready. Albeit doubtful still, she forgave him.

She was happy that Phillip respected her refusal. She was glad he understood her reservations.

Or so she thought…

On Phillip’s birthday, a couple of month later, they went out on a date. He was especially sweet with her that night. He was teasing her and making her giggle with his corny jokes. Their date was filled with laughter and fun.

They dined and drank wine. He allowed her to have one glass of wine just to try. It was the first time her allowed her to drink spirits. She was just about to finish her drink when she felt warm and fuzzy inside. Then her vision blurred. She saw Phillip came toward her and asked if she was alright before everything went blank…

When everything came back to focus her head was aching so badly. It was like bricks were smashed on it. Her body was aching more. She had no idea what happened.

She scanned her surroundings. She was in an unfamiliar room, lying on an unfamiliar bed. She was covered with immaculately white linens and wore nothing beneath the sheets she was clutching.

She was confused for a while. She can’t comprehend because her mind was in shambles.

“W-what happened…?” she asked her baffled self.

Suddenly Phillip emerged from a door. He was wearing nothing on but a towel around his hips. He grinned widely, came near her, and kissed her forehead.

“Thank you for the gift, baby,” he said. Then he went on getting dressed.

And slowly, things gradually dawned on her. Something happened. Something terrible happened.

Oh my God… Tears started to fall from her eyes and it never stopped welling. She cried and cried and cried. She couldn’t talk nor shout even if that was what she wanted to do. She was shocked. Her body couldn’t move.

Then she heard a groan; a groan like that of an animal experiencing excruciating pain. And she realized… it was coming from her! Heavy sobs came out from her, almost stealing her breath. Her body quaked; it shook like it never shook before.

Sudden understanding hit her. She was violated. By Phillip. Her beloved Phillip defiled her. She trusted him, loved him but now he broke that trust and that love. He robbed her of her innocence, of her right, of her life.

She cried more. She did not know when she stopped crying. Tears just kept falling and falling and falling from her eyes. It seemed like she was dying little by little.

She was so lost. She lost what she held dear, what she protected. She lost what she had treasured all her life. And she lost it to monster behind an angel’s mask…


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