Missing the pen


Do you still remember the time that when inspiration struck you rummage in your messy bag for a pen and a sheet of paper to jot down that idea, that verse, that one-liner that may or may not be included in your next masterpiece?

I do.

With the ease of access of computers, internet, and smartphones, a lot of us have succumbed to the mighty pull of the electronic pen; the keyboard. We seem to forget the joys of pen, paper, and handwriting. Our masterpieces are now literally at the tips of our fingers; ideas are tapped in those little square keys where the alphabet is arranged in a rather messed up order.

Way back in the days, I was a chronic pen-pusher. I never ran out of pens. Black, blue, red. I even have some greens and purples to spice up the paper.

Way back in the days, I was a constant paper source. I never ran out of sheets of paper. Notebooks, pad paper, note pads. I even have some sticky notes in varying shapes and sizes just for kicks.

Way back in the days, I wrote my pieces using my hand. I wasted a lot of paper with my drafts. I wrote, rewrote, and crossed out a lot of words, letters, and numbers. I have calloused fingers. My right ring finger has this significant bump because the pen’s body was always cradled on it.

Wherever I am, I was never caught without a book, a pen, and some writing pads.

Now, sadly, physical writing is slowly sapping out of me. The ease of electronics, and my self-confessed laziness, has contributed to that. Nowadays, the only time I hold a pen and write something is when I have to sign some documents that needed my signature. Otherwise, my laptop or my smartphone’s app takes notes and reminders for me.

I miss the pen. I miss the paper. I miss the joy of handwriting.

I miss the way it was before.


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