A friend in Eve



This poem is dedicated to a very generous and humble author from a fan, on behalf of her fellow LManiacs (Love Match books avid readers). May is her birth month and we definitely celebrate with her. The doodle art was made by a friend, Kimmi Briones.

Here it is… To the Filipino literature’s goddess of contemporary romance genre, Eve Montelibano.


We were virtually strangers living far apart

Some ten years had passed since our connections start

We were enchanted by her written works of art

Her stories burrowed roots deep in our heart.


She designs, she paints, she writes

And she does a whole lot of things, alright

She’s like a wonder woman full of might

If faced with a bunch of matters, she’d fight.


But despite her busy sched and pressed time

She never forgets to check on us and say “hi”

And despite being an epic success on her own right

She is always grounded and is a tad bit shy.


She is a mentor, a coach, a teacher

Always ready to encourage other pen-pushers

Generosity is a persistent trait in her

As evidenced by her continued support in others.


All of us were lucky to have someone like you

A friend known to us as Eve Montelibano

We are so blessed to have a friend in Eve

Because she sure is a true pal indeed.


Happy birthday, Evey!


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