When the Fangirl Made Her Dream Come True

Love Match, Philippines

Yallo! Prima donna testimonista’s back! Hohoho. So here’s my review for the recent Eve Montelibano kick-ass story, Dare To Love.

Technical review:

The book was quite thick and the pages were printed so close to the top and bottom margins so it’s a long story. The letters were so tiny so it’s an eye buster; people should not forget their glasses. The cover art was enticing; it spoke of its enticing contents. Although we know we should never ever judge the book by its cover but in this case we could. There were some typographic and spelling errors peppering the prose though it’s forgivable. Sorry, Evie, I just can’t help turning on the technical reader in me sometimes. Hohoho! —END—


Story review:

As I have said before, the story was a VERY FEEL GOOD one. There was not a lot of heavy drama that would make you weep in agony. There was a little story about Alana’s treachery and Gabby’s crazy-obsessive love to Dare. But all in all, the book was all laughter, giggles, and snickers. It was a romantic comedy worthy of Jennifer Aniston. 😉

Celine. Everybody who was crazy over Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Leonardo di Caprio, and all the other legendary hotties of Hollywood could easily relate with Celine Lavega. Who wouldn’t? Admit it or not, each one of us has fancied being in love with one or two or all of these men and we dreamt of marrying our ultimate Hollywood hero someday. I know I did! I was ultimately in love with K. Reeves when I first saw him in SPEED when I was still 13 years old. I swore to myself that I would marry him by hook or by crook. Then, I wanted to kill Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie for snagging Brad Pitt. But we know those were just fangirl dreams. But Celine made those dreams come true! She snagged her ultimate Hollywood dream man! Albeit it took her a lot of time and a lot of dedication and a stroke of luck via her fairy godfather, Mr. Benjamin Speedman, but in the end she landed glitter city’s Mr. Movies!

Dare. Dare was the ultimate Hollywood hottie worthy of those people mentioned above. Although we imagine him as Paul Walker, he’s more of a Brad Pitt crossed with Brad Pitt (sorry, I have an obsession with BP). He’s successful and rich as a god and I could not describe how good looking he is. He has residences in Beverly Hills, Thailand, Singapore, and scores of other cities. And he doesn’t know Philippines even exist. But despite all of those, he has had a bad early life and sorrow peppered his life. Been married to his first love but was only betrayed. Been married to two supermodels for show. Been divorced twice and his third encountered difficulties because Gabby wanted to have him back, or his money – something like that. He was a cynic alright. Who wouldn’t be? Love was like a mystery in his life. So unreal. Then she met a pretty spitfire that turned his upside down world upside down.

The love story. Hmm. The love story was so, so, so effing good! The first meeting, nothing short of being spectacular. The next meetings, right up to the first meeting’s alley. The banters were epic. The love-bordering-on-obsession-but-turned-out-right-in-the-end plot was pretty farfetched but nothing short of what every Hollywood actors-loving girl would ever dream of. The conflict was pretty thick, thus the migraine inducing number of pages. The love scenes were pretty, pretty hawt! Memorable LSs?

  1. The limo-scene
  2. Plane crash-site first time
  3. Dalliance at The Marq
  4. The durian ice cream eating

Fan rating. 9 stars out of 10. 


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