Our difference and our common love


My sister and I are poles apart. She is an extrovert, a people person, while I am a self-confessed introvert. She likes everything that has to do with performing and interacting with people — singing, dancing, running for student government — while I wile away my time mostly on my own — reading, writing, watching movies, and studying my butt off.

Everywhere she goes she easily picks up friends and acquaintances. Everywhere I go I talk with a few people and stay connected with my two best friends. She has a lot of friends outside of Facebook, most of my friends I found in Facebook.

You can scarcely find her at home; she is usually out with her little friends playing step-in, teacher-teacher-an, habulan. 

You can scarcely see me outside; I’m usually cooped up at home reading, writing poems and stories, or watching movies on my laptop or TV.

She collects people. I collect books.
Singing loves her. Singing hates me to the core.
She is a performer. I am an academic.
She is what she is. I am what I am.

But amidst our differences, we have one thing in common… 

We love the same mother.


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