Rebel and Rogue (overview)


Julius Caesar Dodds, or more famously known as Rebel Dodds, was a celebrated author around the globe. His seven-book series The Plight of the Seven Kings has a crazy cult following among teenagers and young adults and was reeling in tons of dollars in his coffers. His other, earlier, books were selling like hot pancakes as well. Since the advent of his first Seven Kings book, he has been a constant name in the New York Times Bestsellers list with his last four books grazing the top spot for weeks. He was at the top of the game! Or something…

When the last leg of his successful yet utterly exhausting worldwide book tour for the last installment of the Seven Kings saga, King of Kings, wrapped up in Sydney he decided to take a short time to recharge and reboot his noggin. He was up for another five-book contract with Simon and Schuster but his head was quite dried up right now – to the horror of his agent, editor, and publisher.

To remedy that, what he needed was an inspiration, a break from his monotonous existence, and a grand vacation. And he knew just where he could get one.


Rogue Sta. Maria, or simply Rogue, has authored ninety-nine romance proses in the entire ten years of her career as a pro romance novelist. Sa loob ng sampung taong iyon ay naisulat na yata niya ang halos lahat ng plots, eksena, twists, at characters na kayang i-produce ng isip niya. Ngayong nasa ika-isandaang kwento na siya ay naisip niyang utang niya sa mga mambabasa – at sa sarili – ang isang kwentong iba, mas exciting, at mas kilig-inducing.

At dahil sa panata niyang ito ay ilang buwan na siyang walang natatapos na manuscript. All she had written were mediocre enough for the grand story she envisioned. Her publisher was not yet pressing her for a new MS dahil dalawang libro pa naman ang na-release para sa huling ten-book series niya but she knew her time was running out and her deadline would catch up on her sooner or later. She needed to finish her grand story ASAP!

To remedy that, what she needed was an inspiration, a break from her monotonous existence, and a grand vacation. And she knew just where she could get one.


When two authors experiencing writers’ block met at the majestic El Nido Palawan, maraming kabalbalan ang naganap. Their first meeting was disastrous – with her seeing him strutting around in all his naked glory. Their clashing ideals were volatile – she was a hopeless romantic and he’s a jaded cynic. One thing was undeniable though, their incontestable attraction to each other. And answering that attraction was both heaven and hell for the both of them.

Then, time ran out. Kailangan na nilang bumalik sa reyalidad matapos ang dalawang linggong petiks. Now, their quasi-relationship was on the verge of a make or break decision. It was either they just let everything be a memory to relive and move on or they continue this and make a long-distance relationship work one way or another. Tough choice to make but it’s their hearts that’s at stake.


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