A moment of sudden rush

One day, I was up so unusually early despite sleeping in at 3AM (I was quite so into writing my revisions, I sometimes forget the time).

Dahil nga wala din naman akong magawa at seven in the morning, I opened the TV while I was having my giant mug of Milo-rice. Switch-switch lang ng channel, parang zombie lang na kini-click ang remote.

Then, when I flicked on GMA News TV, ang mukha niya ang sumalubong sa akin…

Doc Ferdz Recio was cuddling, bottle-feeding, and treating Zam, a juvenile dugong who was hurt so bad. That scene made me smile so wide and made my heart and my stomach flutter in utter kilig.

Doc 3

Wala namang nakakakilig sa palabas, it was a replay of Born to Be Wild: Dugong at Mameng episode. The kilig was all Doc Ferdz’ doing.

I have been in love with Doc Ferdz simula pa noong una siyang sumalang sa Born to be Wild. There is just something in him that got me caught bait, hook, line, and sinker. Pasok na pasok sa banga!

I love him because he is so good looking! Mahilig talaga ako sa mga gorgeous and he is one poging papa.
I love him because he is uber sexy with or without his shirt on. And his shoulder tattoo made him more appealing.
I love him because he looked spanking hot my uterus does cartwheels every time I spied at him on TV.
I love him because he is so, so smart. You know he knew what he is doing and talking about.

He is my eye candy through and through!

But more than that, I am in love with him more because I could see genuineness in him.

Doc 7

Every time he holds an injured animal, he holds it with utter tender loving care; like a father would to his child.
Every time he sees what he is looking for in the wild, he laughs out loud and his face lights up in amazement; like a kid receiving what he wished for Christmas.
Every time he talks, he talks so beautifully he makes me listen to him intently and believe every single thing he says.
Every time he flashes a smile, it lights me up I felt so high I could only sigh.

I really wish I could see him in person and not just see him on TV. I really wish I could have the chance to hold his hand and see how it felt in mine. I really wish I could sit beside him and talk to him about anything and everything.

I really wish to see him for real…

But whether I see him or not, whether I would get my wishes or it would just stay as dreams, I do not know. But there is one thing I am sure, though…


My word document is waiting. I’ll see you in my pages soon, Doc. ^___^

Doc 1


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