Strength in Sansa

I’m following a Game of Thrones Instagram account that posts great fan art for A Song of Ice and Fire: @threeeyedcrow and @zaldrizoti.

Last night, I stumbled into a picture about the power women of Westeros. Sansa’s photo was captioned, “A woman can be strong“.

Then this guy busted his eyes out and said it should be Brienne in the picture. Because I give credit where credit is due, I told him that Sansa deserved the spot, too. Then he rebutted me and said, “Sansa is pretty and lovable but she is dumb. All her family is killed and she’s alive. Where is strong in that?

I went berserk! He’s asking me that?! The reader in me was restless so I bit back on him!


I said…  @belmin_h

“Sansa may not fight physically but that does not mean she is weak.

She’s been through a lot of torture in the short time that she had stayed in King’s Landing: physical, emotional, mental. She’d seen her father mutilated, carried the “shame” of having a traitor family, received slaps and backhands and beatings directly and indirectly from Joffrey, been played by the Lannisters in their dirty game.

And she’s not dumb, mind you. If she is, she would have caved in the moment Ned’s head got separated from his neck.

Good sir, strength does not only mean wielding a sword, holding on to a shield, or hacking off body parts of enemies. I love Brienne, don’t get me wrong. I admire her strength. But don’t undermine Sansa’s strength.

Being strong also mean bearing every hurtful things thrown into your being and being able to hold on to your sanity and not break into a million pieces.

Have you read the books? If you have, you’d get what I’m saying about Sansa.”

I really believed that Sansa is a strong woman. She may not fight in a joust or a melee or a battle but she fought her own war, her pains and demons in King’s Landing, and went out not unscathed but still standing tall.


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