Somehow, someday

like that

Admiring you from a distance

Is what I usually do

Enjoying stolen glances

Tryin’ to hide a feeling so true.


You’re everyone’s coolest guy

I am the mischief in disguise

We were two worlds apart

But that did not stop my heart.


As each day wore on

Being with you is what I so long

Be the one to kiss you goodnight

Wake you up when the sun shines bright.


Cuddle up on rainy days

And enjoy a marathon of Kung Fu movies

How happy would I truly be

If those things would really happen to me.


But reality kicked me in the shin

Telling me I’m losing my brain

You’d never love someone like me

Someone who’s dwelling in misery.


All I can do now is watch you from afar

Like what I’ve been usually doing so far

Wishing that somehow, someday

There would be a chance for you and me.


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