One thing


More than ten years ago my father went missing. Leaving us with nothing but grieving hearts and shattered souls.

He was the one man that I looked up to. I rarely admire any guy. There were a select few and he tops them all.

He was your best kind of person. My best kind of person. He loves us very much.

Watching Modern Family and seeing Jay Pritchett reminds me greatly of him. They were the same – their gestures, their way of thinking, their love for their family.

There was one episode, one segment, touched me so much. Third season’s finale. The part wherein Jay talked to Lily when the little girl won’t dance for her recital. It was a nice scene. It was lovely.


But what made tears trickle down my cheeks was that our little girls – my brother’s girls – wouldn’t have the chance to have that talk, that scene, with their grandpa. And I would never have the chance to be with him anymore.  To talk with him. To joke with him. To argue with him. To cry on his shoulders. To see him spoil his grandkids. To see him grow old.

If there would be one thing I pray that I want to have? It would be the chance to have him back with us.

And if there is one thing that I want to see? It’s when my future little girl whispers in his ear, “Dance with me, grandpa.” And he would. It would be a sight to behold because he dances funny but it would be great. I know it would be great.


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