Looking through Your Eyes

“Look at the sky, tell me what do you see. Just close your eyes and describe it to me. The heavens are sparkling with starlight tonight. That’s what I see through your eyes.”


KIMMY STOPPED her stride along the road when the intro of the song started. She looked up at the never-ending stretch of the sky. Truly, the heaven was really sparkling with starlight tonight, that’s what she saw.

She pulled a deep breath and let it out slowly, easing the building tension within her that was slowly making her lose breath and shake. She did not like what she was feeling. She was supposed to feel glad. She was going to see someone special. There should be no room for the anxiety and the welling tears she felt stinging her eyes have no reason to be there. There should be just mere happiness. She sighed again and looked up at the diamond-studded sky.

Soon she’d see her special person, her one-in-a-million love. Jacob. It’s his birthday today. And it’s a tradition for her to see him on his significant day. She’s carrying a small box of black forest cake and a pint of rocky road ice cream, his favorites, and a gift he so longed to have.


***Kimmy and Mr. Campus Personality***

She had known Jacob at the University she had enrolled in. They were taking the same course. It was her second year in Civil Engineering while it was his third – third year in the third course he shifted to.

He wasn’t a bum student; that she knew. In fact, Jacob was one of the best and famous students in the Engineering Department. It was just that he was not your geeky-type of guy. He was cool. Way too cool.

He was the head chancellor of their University’s chapter of the famous brotherhood, APO Fraternity. He was among the top performers in their department. And he was, first and foremost, the unico hijo – heir apparent – of the Arguelles Family, their University’s proprietor and one of the richest families of the country. He was ultra-famous, even for his own sake. He can do whatever he damned like. Even shift from course to course. It’s their school anyway.

She, on the contrary, was just a plain one among a horde of plain ones in the University. According to her cousin, she was a garden-variety Pinay. Yes, she was brainy. In fact, she’s a scholar of the University. And by large, she was a looker.

But she wasn’t brainy and a looker enough to be noticed by her ultimate crush, her first love, Jacob. Only God knew how much spark he ignited in her with his mere presence alone and how many butterflies fluttered in her stomach when she smelled his manly cologne. Only the Lord knew how much she was drawn in to Mr. Campus Personality.

However, she was reeled into him not because of his famous, or infamous, characteristics. She was caught hook, line, and sinker because of those hazel brown eyes of his; eyes that spoke of sadness within its depth.

He might smile widely, grin like crazy, and laugh boisterously but she could always see that ultimate sadness in those eyes that belie the happiness of his façade. Eyes that, in her view, were asking for comfort, love, belongingness, and acceptance. Real acceptance.

But never in a needle’s chance, she thought, would he set those eyes on her; much more seek in her the things she thought he sought.

Inasmuch, he was the ultimate ladies’ man. You’ll see him with different college lass. And not just your ordinary ladies but head-turners like the recent University beauty titlist he dated, and discarded, in a span of one week. He changed his lady friends as much as he changed cars.

He had thrown a glance at her once in while. Sometimes it lingers but most of the time it just passes. But the probability of him noticing her as a person, much more as a woman, was slimmer than a thread.

Until that one night that has woven their fate…


***That Night***

She was on foot from her last class to the gate. She’s about to go home. She was on the University road’s sidewalk. She liked to follow the road and take the long way than trail the covered path walk and take the short cut.

The road had a much better view with the trees swaying and swishing along it. And with few students and faculty members owning cars and motorcycles, the road was almost always deserted, letting her relax and de-stress as she walked.

While strolling, she was looking up at the ebony sky above her. It was adorned by sparkling stars like those of diamonds. The moon was not visible since it’s a new moon. What a peaceful heaven it was.

As she took a deep breath of fresh night air, she heard tires squealed behind. When she turned, she saw a blinding light before her then felt hard metal slammed her body and sent her flying. Her body crashed down painfully on the pavement and her head banged on the graveled sidewalk.

The last thing she remembered was a trembling man cradling her, worriedly calling her name, and unconsciously enveloping her quivering and weakening body with his warmth.

But what was forever etched in her mind was the last thing that she saw as their eyes met. Those pair beautiful sad eyes that are so familiar to her. Eyes that were telling her to hang on, hang on for her dear life.

Then all the lights went out…



Kimmy, wake up. Please wake up…she heard amidst the haze. A very distant voice but still audible in her ears.

She looked around her. However, all she could see were blinding lights. She felt a cold rush of air flowing around her but she could not see her surroundings. Lights. There were lights. Lots and lots of lights aimed directly at her eyes, blinding her.

Wake up, Kimmy. Please wake up. There it was again. That distant voice. A voice so familiar but a voice she cannot place whose.

Who are you? Where am I? Why are all the lights turned to me? These were the questions she wanted to ask but she cannot find her voice to utter those queries.

Wake up, Kimmy. Please come back.  The voice was slowly fainting. The blinding lights are slowly fading.

Come back to me, Kimmy. I…was the last thing she heard before everything went blank and black…

“Doctor, how is Kimmy doing?” she heard a man saying. The voice was familiar. She thought she heard it somewhere.

“Everything is normal with the patient, Jake,” said a calming baritone voice, perhaps the doctor. “You need not worry yourself. Look at your—”

“Then why isn’t she waking up?!” Jake, whoever he is, cut the doctor’s sentence short. “Why is she still…” the voice stopped.

She heard a groan. And she realized it came from within her. Her chest and throat reverberated.

“Oh God, her eyes are opening. I think she’s waking up,” then big, warm, soft hands held hers. “Kimmy, are you awake? Please answer me.”

She heard beeps somewhere. Then people were scurrying around, bustling to and fro. But she only heard it. She was not seeing it. Weren’t her eyes open just as that Jake person was saying? Then why wasn’t she seeing anything? Maybe the lights were turned off.

Turn on the lights please…she wanted to say but could only manage a moan.

Hands were on her checking for something, anything. Voices, men and women, were uttering some things beyond her comprehension. Things were still hazy and fuzzy in her head. She can’t move, too. She was panicking!

But the comforting hands covering hers did not leave her. She felt warm, quivering lips kissing her palms. The combination of the hands and lips calmed her senses. It tranquilized her panicking psyche.

Who are you? she wanted to ask him.

She knew he’s a man. A very familiar man. And amidst the fuzz in her head and immobility of her body she could feel that proverbial butterflies in her stomach in just feeling the hands and lips of that man on her hands.

Why do you feel familiar? Why do you sound familiar? Jake. Is that your name? Who are you, Jake? Please don’t leave me.

“Kimmy, I’ll always be here,” he said as if hearing the words inside her head. “Please come back to me…” she heard his shaky plead before silence has taken a-hold of her again…


To be continued…


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