Reading DRACULA abridged version


Today, our office had a familiarization tour a.k.a field trip to various museums and parks here in Davao.

Anyways, in the bus, while everybody was busy chatting and feeling excited by our trip I was busy doing my thing; snuck up on my corner of the bus, reading.

I was reading the abridged and starter version of DRACULA. I borrowed it from our Admin Officer’s sixth-grade son.

The book was a fun read. I finished the 200-pager in an hour and a half, give or take a few minutes. It was a chill and quick read because even if it was 200 pages long, the print was large and every chapter has a pageful illustration. If the print was printed the way my regular read was, it’d be cut in half.

I enjoyed the book a lot, actually. The past years, I have read countless books that depicted vampires as this yummy papis that women drool over.

With this book, the king vampire was not depicted as a sparkly, shimmery, shine-bright-like-a-diamond vampire; none whatsoever! Good ol’ Count Drac was written as a pretty bad villain! And it was cool. I missed the original vampires who killed and infect like no other!

But it wasn’t a complete experience for me. The gore wasn’t there the way it was in the unabridged version. Then in the end part, it was a little anticlimactic because—with everything that Count Drac did in London–the fight and the ultimate death happened in just one page, two paragraphs.

Maybe because it’s a kid’s book so it was a bit tamed. Rated PG.

What made the read even more fun, though, was when my officemates were amazed that I leafed through the pages “like lightning” (their words)! Hahaha! They were shocked when they saw me close the 200-pager before we reached our second destination. ^o^ It was a kewl feeling when I saw their faces and when one said, “I know you read much, but I have no idea you read THAT MUCH! (NV)”

Anywho, to wrap this up… I give Count Drac 4/5 stars for a reader starter book.


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  1. Haha. I love Dracula. I also like modern day vampires, but it was nice to be able to read about the big, bad original.

    • Me too!

      I was kind of bombarded by the over-the-top handsome and sexay vampires these past few years that I tend to forget the real vampire that sucked the lifeblood off of the characters!

      I loved touching roots with the king of all baddie vampires. ^o^

      • Yeah, me too. While reading Dracula I kept waiting for the part where I would kind of fall in love with Dracula, but then it never happened, and I was like ‘oh, right. He’s the bad guy. The actual, real bad guy.’

        • Hahaha! Ditto! Before I read this book, I watched the new Dracula movie trailer. Drac was uber sexy and drool-worthy over there. But reading Dracula woke me up from my starry-eyed fangirling. DRACULA IS THE PRIME ANTAGONIST! Hahaha.

          The original Drac version was written when there was not really a gray area in the characters’ lives; only black and white.

          It was nice change of pace what with all the complicated plot lines of the stories I was reading in the recent years. That moment when the bad guy is just a bad guy just because he was a bad guy, nothing else. ^0^

        • I know, right? Usually there’s all this conflict with the bad guy being the antagonist, but also having a side of him that makes him have to be bad because of reasons that make him more sympathetic. But nope–Dracula just wants to suck your blood and make you his minion!

        • Hahaha! Spot on! He was just like, “I’m gonna suck your blood and to hell with all your dramas!” He was a pretty badass badass.

          Then Prof. Van Helsing was not as imagined him to be. He was no Hugh Jackman-Van Helsing.

          It was a funny read for someone who saw the movies first before finding copies of the book. -.-

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