The Doctor is Mine excerpt



ANNA BRISKLY MADE A BEELINE along the SBN lobby while rummaging inside her bag for her ID.

It’s Monday and she’d overslept. Wala na naman siyang hang-over sa kalokohang paglalasing niya but here she was still sporting a major headache while rushing to the office.

May meeting pa naman siya in a few minutes.

“Hay, Anna,” she grumbled. “What a great way to start your work week!”

Hindi na niya binati ng ngiti ang security guard like she usually did because she’s on a rush. When she timed in, she was twenty-six minutes late. A record for her dahil hindi naman niya ugaling pumasok ng huli.

Then her stomach rumbled.

“Ang galing mo talagang t-um-iming, Anna…” she groaned, her teeth gritting. Gusto na niyang magwala at pumalahaw ng iyak.

Isa pang problema niya, wala pa siyang matinong agahan! All she ate while dashing from her apartment to the office was a slice of bread. Okay pa sana iyon but all she had for dinner last night was a freaking apple! Such a crappy start for a busy week.

Dadaan muna siya sa workstation niya bago tumakbo sa conference room, she had some instant cereal drink stashed in her drawer.

She was near the bank of elevators when she saw a man just entered one.

“Please hold!” sigaw niya dito at dali-daling tumakbo.

She was huffing heavily and was a bit dizzy when she was at the door. She was about to say her thanks to the Good Samaritan when her right shoe got caught on the little slot for the elevator doors. Like a bummed idiot, she fell bodily on the elevator floor bumping her knee, her torso, and her forehead. At dahil hindi niya pala naisara ang bag nang hugutin doon ang ID kanina, its contents spilled just about everywhere!

“The hell!” dinig niya bulalas ng lalaki. “Miss? Miss?”

When it rained, it really poured. Totoo nga talaga ang kasabihang iyon dahil lahat na lang yata ng kamalasan ay inani niya ngayong umaga. At hindi lang ulan ang dumating sa kanya kundi flashflood!

“Aray…” She groaned under her breath as she tried to dizzily get up from being slumped on the floor.

“Here, let me help you up.” Anna grabbed onto the hand offered by the man. She held      onto sturdy arms. “Ano ba ang nangyari sa `yo? Natisod ka yata.”

She wanted to snarl at him and bark a scathing “obvious ba?” but she can’t find her voice. Malakas ang naging bagsak niya. Her knees, her entire front region, and her head were hurting. She tried focusing her eyes but the elevator’s interior seemed to be spinning.

What she was feeling worsened when the elevator surged up. Her stomach felt like it was displaced na lalong nagpahina ng mga tuhod niya. She wobbled and almost toppled again when she felt the stranger’s strong arms held her up, close to his warm body.

“Steady. Kumapit ka sa akin,” she heard him speak in a deep baritone as he supported her with his dependable body. The moment she felt him near and heard him clearly, her gorgeous-man radar spiked high!

He sounded gorgeous! She noticed that his voice sounded delicious in her ear. His voice was a beautiful rich baritone that seemed to seep into her system and reverberate in her body.

He felt gorgeous! His chest felt toned and all, his arms ripped, and he was strong enough to bear her slight weight. Being this close to him with only her weakened senses helping her see, she felt safe and well-supported.

And more than that, he smelled gorgeous as well! He smelled like wood and musk and spice. He smelled of spicy cologne mixed with total manliness. His smell was a perfect ten in her smell-o-meter!

This man sounded and felt and smelled so dazzlingly her-kind-of male!

Loka ka, Anna, nadisgrasya ka na nga kung anu-ano pang kalandian ang tumatakbo sa utak mo! her conscience reprimanded when her fingers curled on the clothes covering his lean pecs.

Wala kang paki, konsensiya! that flirty part of her brain deflected. Minsan lang ako kumiri ng ganito, dude! Strike while the iron is hawt!

“Here, lean on the wall,” her superhero interrupted the impending debate inside her head. He backed her up on the corner. “I’ll pick your things up and we’ll find someone who could help you.”

“Thank you,” she answered, groaning. She pulled in a deep breath and shook her head briskly to clear her head. “Okay lang ako.”

“That’s good to hear,” anito habang pinupulot ang mga gamit niya.

“Uy, salamat talaga,” she muttered with a hint apology as she was getting her bearings back.

She stirred away from the wall. She leaned in and started to move to help him pick up her stuff pero tumayo na ito. He pivoted on his heel at iniabot nito ang bag sa kanya.

“Here,” he said coolly.

But when she got a hold of her bag’s strap and looked up at him, she was rendered speechless and awestruck. Her jaws slackened and was locked fully open!

Saying she was stunned was an understatement. If there was a stronger word than stunned, then that was her reaction at seeing the man standing in front of her. Her system seemed to stop working at the sight of him.

He stood there looking all tall and still as handsome as she remembered him a few years back.

Clean-cut black hair topped a finely-chiseled face. He had a strong chin, firm mouth, slightly-crooked nose, and intense liquid chocolate eyes. He was sporting stubbles on his chin, jaws, and the top of his arched-lip. His skin was suntanned. And his shirt-clad body somehow revealed toned muscles that filled in all the right places.

He was dressed for business in dark slacks and a white dress shirt. His silk tie was pinstriped blue. His shirt and tie were a little askew from helping her.

He was all man and all gorgeous her open mouth felt like drooling!

Is it… is he really… oh, dear Lord!

“Miss, are you sure you’re okay?” he asked, looking intently at her. Worry was etched in his features.

Tumango lang siya bilang sagot dito. She still couldn’t find her voice as she continued to be stunned by his huge presence.

But the voice inside her head was screaming!

“Miss, I really have to go. This is my floor. But I could accompany you to the clinic if you still don’t feel okay.”

Hindi niya napansin na nakabukas na pala ang elevator and he was holding the door open. She straightened up and mentally slapped her face to wake her sluggish senses.

“Ahh… h-hindi. I’m okay. Medyo na… uhm… O-okay lang ako.” Shit! She was star-struck!

“Are you sure?” his voice was laced with worry.

She answered him with a series of nods. “Sorry for…” she gestured his disheveled clothes and smiled nervously. “That.”

“No prob. Nothing’s wrong with a little crumple on my clothes. Makes me feel like I’m still human.” A corner of his mouth raised in a slight smile and he gave her a wink. “But if you’re really sure that you’re okay, I’ll go ahead.” He smiled feebly and inclined his head towards the door. “I suggest that you go to the clinic and have yourself checked, though. Namumutla ka.”

Tango lang siya nang tango sa sinabi nito. Nothing was sinking in because some other thought was occupying her head.

“Have a safe day ahead.” He let go of the door and went out. “Umiwas ka na sa disgrasya.”

Inihatid niya ito ng tingin. Her gaze followed on his retreating figure until the elevator doors closed in on her. She let out the shaky breath that she was holding.

“Oh… my… God!” she squealed in unbridled excitement. A flash of thought coursed through her head. A heady rush sent through her veins.

And a big picture question popped.

Was what she’d seen for real or was she hallucinating?

Was that really…


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