A date with destiny!


Mt Batulao: 811 Meters Above Sea Level

I have never thought that I would and I could. Fifteen minutes in, I wanted to quit and run back to the main road.

The trek was arduous as hell. I am not a physical-activities-kind of person; hell, I don’t even jog and exercise! I did not know what came into me that I agreed to join in this activity. I think the eternal salesman wrestled me into going. He was effective. Props to him.

Did I enjoy the trek in the true sense? I’d honestly say… YES!

10633348_717244185025696_1975592816038098708_o 1911021_717246098358838_6515924036378110856_o

Yeah, there were a LOT of times that I complained and complained and complained. I think my climbmates (is there such a word?) were getting annoyed with my caterwauling.

Then worst was when we scaled Peak 9, I almost fainted. I was robbed off of all my strength that my eyes were swimming in blackness and my breathing was labored. Inside my head I cursed the adventure and thought that that would be the last time that I’d do such thing. I wished that, as Van said, we had a HOME BUTTON that I could press to end the ordeal in a snap!


But right at that moment when I thought everything was all hopeless and shit, right at that moment when I thought that suffering had no end, I saw the rock that said CAMP 10…


Right there and then I ran towards the rock and hugged it so hard I wanna cry.

Then, when I roamed my eyes at what was in front of me, I felt at awe. I was humbled as I saw the grandiose that was Mt. Batulao summit.

Below me were land formations and greens that looked so little they seemed not as formidable as they looked from below and not as intimidating as we were scaling them. Around me was the majestic beauty that you’d only see and appreciate if and only if you’d been through one of the hardest hardships one could imagine.

10712942_717243061692475_8808748325430615048_n 10636122_717242851692496_621469959098049595_n

I was overwrought with fear and self-doubt at the beginning. But when I was able to overcome every obstacle in front of me–including a sucky knife trail that I thought would kill me–and reached that coveted summit, there was one line that I hope I should’ve had shouted…

I wanna go tell my fears and self-doubt to GO AND SUCK A LEMON!!!



The feeling of having one’s feet at the summit was indescribable at best. My eyes were feasting at the delicious scenery around me. My nose was languishing on the smell of fresh air and scent of grass. My skin was torn between the heat of the sun and the chill brought by the wind. And, as weird as it may seem, promise I could almost taste the sweetness of the moment.

Reaching the top was sensory overload! It was one of the most awe-inspiring places I have seen in my entire existence. It was so fun it trampled every experience I have had in a lifetime. LOL!

And even if I had sworn on my damaged bag that I would not do it again, given the chance–amidst a busy sched and pressing problems–I’ve decided that I would love to go at it again. If not sooner then later!

This is one check off on my ever-growing bucket list. Yippie-kay-yay!

10710820_717243631692418_8270792756012378912_n I want to extend my gratitude to my climbmates for bearing with my craziness and for sharing the experience with me. It was the first time that I met you but I felt an eternal connection to the new-found friends I have bonded with at eight hundred eleven meters above sea level.

Hasta la proxima vez!


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  1. Congrats girl. You can always do it. I saw myself in you through this post. Hoping to see more of your adventures. ❤

  2. Hahah yeah. Grown up responsibilities are inevitable and are even more scary. So keep up!

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