You Loved Me at My Darkest… so dark…



Congrats, Evie Harper, for a great debut! You Loved Me at My Darkest took me to a hell of a ride. The Taken premise was just right to get me hooked on the story.

I love Lily, I love Jake. I pained for Sasha, Emily, Megan, Cho, Natalia, and all the women who unfortunately got into the mix. I was breathing hard in most parts, especially during and after Sasha’s escape. That almost killed me, I cried buckets. I was looking for a plot twist or something… but **sigh**. Those parts were hard, especially that my blurry eyes were acting up.

Though, I look forward to Alexa and Joseph. Their impending chase excited me so much. I am a sucker for their kind of drama.

This scared me a little since I’ll be flying away from home (not New York, though) to work. I have a pretty morbid imagination and reading YLMAMD touched the scared-shit inside of me making me think of what-ifs. Pfft! Hahaha.

Anywho, again, congrats on your amazing debut, Evie (I’m on a first-name basis now, eh?). All the stalking your takeovers and grovelling to the rafflecopter gods to lemme win a copy paid off so well I wanna do the chicken dance for them. Hahaha!

I also want to say ‘thank you’ to Ate MayRose for introducing you to me through your work. It was because of her that I got obsessed with chasing butterflies.

I look forward to reading more of you. Kudos and love from the Philippines!


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