You Love Me at My Weakest is STRONG!


The word WEAKEST may be in the title but You Loved Me At My Weakest is far from being feeble. It was deep, emotional, and gut-wrenching.

I am in love with the love that Kanye has for Emily. He stayed true to their love and did everything to take back the Emmy that lost herself. Kanye is the epitome of a man in love. Yeah, he may not be immune to pain and frustration since the love of his life tried to do her best to push him away, to tell him that she doesn’t deserve him anymore. But he never gave up. He persevered. And they got through the pain.

And that time when Kanye got hurt, I knew that he was okay but I got burned with Sasha in Darkest so I don’t know what to expect anymore.

“I now understand that even roses can’t be perfect. They all have their own scars from their life cycle, yet they stand tall and are beautiful. I am a rose. I have scars from my life, but I am strong. I stand tall and I grasp life every day and live. I survived. I’m a survivor and I’m proud of myself.”

This may be the most poignant way of closing a heart-rending, gut-wrenching story of someone who went through unimaginable pains only a few would ever survive.

Darkest was an emotional roller coaster. Weakest was space shuttle. I can’t imagine what Ugliest would be. **I’m excited!!!**

YLMAMW is more than five stars. It deserves more, so much more.

Evie Harper is love.


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