The grand champion of The Voice Kids PH Season 2. ELHA MAE NYMPHA!


Elha was the very definition of a dark horse in this season’s competition. She was just chilling down the TVK2 barrel and then… BAM! She hit us hard with her upbeat yet powerful rendition of one of Mariah Carey’s expert-level songs.

Admittedly, I wasn’t really rooting for her at the beginning. In fact, in the very early stage of the competition I was rather enthralled by the wonders that were Esang, Sassa, and Reynan (in that order) for they presented something different on my plate. Though, I have a penchant for power belters so Elha was amongst my favorites but not on the top. She was just there, chilling on my list.

Belters (biritera) in our country are one too may. We have tens and hundred of them both in the professional and amateur arena, so I wasn’t really (very) impressed by her Blind audition.

Later on, as the competition progressed she started to make a mark. Not so explosive, though, like Esang did in Blinds or Sassa did in Battles or Reynan did in Sing-offs. As I said, she was just there making me aware of her but not making me go rooting for her.

Heck, a lot of people could not even accept the fact that she got through the Battles’ “Your Love” performance over an early favorite of theirs. The bashing was just too nasty to mention.

People even went too far lambasting poor Coach Bamboo for “choosing poorly” during the Sing-offs since Elha had “no marketability and mass text votes appeal” over another early (imported) fave. And, like I said, people thought that “she was just another biritera”.

But, silly me… I started falling in love with her during the Sing-offs with her lovely rendition of “Natutulog Ba Ang Diyos”, which spoke and sang to me so deeply.

And thereon I thought, this girl got game! I was 50% rooting for her then because even if she was a power belter through and through, she can handle her low notes as beautifully as she handled her highs. She was a technical as well as an emotional singer. She got her singing in a right balance.

And like Bamboo, i started to see what he saw in her. Elha started tot ake root in my heart because she made me start believing in her talent, in her versatility, in her consistency, in her.

What sealed the deal for me, though was her semi-finals interpretation of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

She was Finale ready that night. Like Coach Lea said, it was Elha’s night. She owned the stage like she’d been performing for years and years and years. And my two voted that weekend went solely to her. I went batcrap crazy when she was called amongst TVK2’s Top 4 on the Semi-Finals results night. My boss who was watching with me at the office, heckled and made fun of me when I almost did a cartwheel (LOL) when her name was called. I was beyond pleased.

Like Coach Bamboo said, “I’M A BELIEVER!”

And what a performance she did during the Grand Finale weekend! She shined like the North Star she was destined to be.

One, she went toe-to-toe with the amazing male belter Jed Madela singing “Narito”.

And that ULTRAMEGASUPERDUPEREXPIDIALICIOUSLY AMAZING take on Mariah Carey’s “Emotions” (first vid here) that made me and thousands of TVK2 followers do the LSS until the very next day. The headtone and whistle register were just superb, especially for an 11-year-old just-recently professionally trained girl. And boy! Singing upbeat, whistling, belting, and DANCING in one song! She was phenomenal. Her performances made me think of one person who was timid yet a monster on stage. Coach Sarah G.

That very performance catapulted Elha to her fate in the competition. Her talent made people forget that she also had a sob story to tell. She made you forget her half-orphan life, her bananacue gig, or her laundrywoman widowed mother. When she was on that stage, it was just Elha and her brilliant talent.


She was not an early fave but she crept up on us like a thief in the nigh and stole our heart, and our votes, sending her to the very top alongside the millions that was her winnings. And her talent had delivered a very competent yet underrated COACH BAMBOO his first THE VOICE CHAMP trophy! Yipee-ka-yay!

This season was the best for me in terms of everything. Every kid that went to the Finals alld eserved to be there and no matter who won would be fine. But it was so much better and so bittersweet that an underdog from a win-thirsty team bagged the coveted trophy for TVK2!

It was Elha’s and Kamp Kawayan’s night. Congratulations to Elha and Coach Bamboo!

(Note: all media in this post is credited to owners)


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  1. sana maraming maka appreciate sa galing ni elha!hndi puro bash na dapat si esang nanalo dahil 8yrs old palang..nkakaaawa si elha ang daming nangbabash saknya!pero salamat sa gumawa nito malaking bagay para sa mga taong wlang alam sa musika.

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