To the so-called intellectuals

There is nothing wrong with finding resolutions to the ills of our society and of our country. We are citizens of this sick nation after all and whatever happens to the Philippines reflects back at us.

But belittling your fellowmen just because we wanted to have fun amidst the stresses we experience from day to day just won’t help the country either. Instead, you are just adding kindling to the fire that burns down our nation.

Tinatanong ninyo kung may nagawa na ba ako para sa bansa natin? Kung sasabihin ko sa inyong “Oo, marami na akong nagawa para sa ikabubuti ng bayang ito, mga bagay na hindi magagawa at nagagawa ng isang ordinaryong Pilipino lamang,” ay maniniwala ka ba? Because as I see it, you already set in your way of thinking that we are a useless bunch of people just because we patronize popular culture. That whether or not I tell you how deep and important my contributions to the betterment of our country are, you would just scoff at it and make no importance of it.

Para malaman ninyo, ako at sampu ng mga kaibigan at kakilala kong nakiki-ALDUB din ay may silbi at kontribusyon sa bayan. Hindi lang sa panonood ng show na ito umiikot anf buhay namin. Mayroon din kaming sari-sariling pamilya, social circles, and professional circles. We discuss a multitude of topics not only revolving this craze but topics of national and societal importance.

You all say we are zombies–people with brains no better than a worm–yet you’re the one who can’t even engage in a decent exchange of words. What you really are–or really trying to project–is a self-righteous “intellectual” who belittles people you don’t even know, who stereotypes people who don;t go blindly with you and your self-imposed ideals.


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